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Although there are many different games, table games are still one of the most popular forms of gambling. Online table games are available at almost every gambling site, and now there are more variations than ever. This article will focus on the most popular classic table games available to players at the best online casino for Canadian players.

Why table games are so popular

Table games are very popular for the following reasons:

  • These are the most classic and well-known games that exist. These games have been around for centuries and continue to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

  • Most games are easy to learn and play. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to play most table titles. A basic understanding of the rules is enough. But games like poker or blackjack require strategy and practice to master.

  • There are plenty of betting opportunities. You can find a table game to suit any budget, whether you are looking to bet for high stakes or want to play for fun.

  • Most titles are available in demo mode. This means you can try out a game without risking your own money. It’s the perfect way to learn the tricks of the trade or test out a new strategy.

  • Table games offer a social aspect that many other gambling activities lack. Live dealer titles are the perfect opportunity to chat with other players and make new friends while you play.

This type of classic entertainment has a lot to offer players, and it’s no wonder they’re so popular at a secure online casino in Canada.

The best tabletop games you can play online

There are dozens of different table games available to play online, but some are more popular than others. Here are four of the most enjoyable game titles you can play at an online casino for real money.

black jack

One of the most classic card games around, blackjack has been enjoyed by players for centuries. The object of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. You are pitted against the dealer and whoever has the highest hand wins.

This title is easy to learn but hard to master, which is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Many gambling websites offer several variations of blackjack with different sets of rules and side bets that can change the way you play. This is the case with King Billy, as it offers American and European Blackjack, Pontoon, Buster Blackjack and many other variations.


Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games out there. There are 37 or 38 slots, each with a different color and number. The object of roulette is to correctly predict where the ball will land on the spinning wheel. You can bet on specific numbers, colors or a group of numbers. The odds vary depending on your pick, but there are plenty of opportunities to win big.

This title is perfect for gamers looking for a fast-paced game with lots of action. It is easy to learn because it does not require any special knowledge. But you can try different betting strategies to increase your chances of winning. You can find dozens of variations online, each with their own rules and betting options.


It is believed to date back to the 15th century, and it remains popular among high rollers and casual players alike. The objective of baccarat is to correctly predict which hand – the player or the banker – will have a higher score. You can also bet on a tie, but this is not recommended as the odds are very low.

The game process is quite simple, with a few betting options. But such simplistic gameplay doesn’t mean there isn’t strategy involved. King Billy also offers many baccarat games, and you can try them for free.


This game has been around for centuries and remains one of the most played. The object of poker is to create the best possible hand using the five cards dealt to you. There are many variations of poker, each with its own rules.

Poker is ideal for those looking for a challenging game that requires skill and strategy to win. Although the game is easy to learn, it takes time and practice to master all the different strategies involved. You can find dozens of poker variations, from Texas Hold’em Bonus to American Poker Gold.

The best casino to play table games in Canada

Determining the best casino to play table games in Canada is quite difficult as it comes down to personal preference. King Billy offers over 2000 games from leading industry providers. Some other benefits of King Billy include:

  • Lavish promotional offers. The website offers weekly and monthly bonuses which make it extremely attractive to casino players.

  • A user-friendly interface. The website is designed to make navigation smooth and easy.

  • Many banking options. Players can use different banking methods to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts.

  • Exceptional customer service. The representatives of the customer support team are always ready to help you with any problem 24/7.

If you want to find a legal online casino in Canada to play for real money, King Billy certainly deserves your attention. Here you will find a wide variety of table games, as well as many other game options.


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