Three Obscure Retro Casino Games You Must Play


With the emergence of mobile games, casino games can be downloaded and played on a device in an instant. It’s weird to remember that there was a time when these games were a novelty. Often, low budget titles were a casual way to save time cheaply, but some of them were extremely well made and never received the respect they deserved.

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Las Vegas cold hand

Las Vegas Cool Hand was released for Game Boy and Game Boy Color in 1998, although the Game Boy title was simply known as Cool Hand. It features the odd combination of blackjack, solitaire and cribbage, with a wide range of variations available for blackjack. The player receives a sum of money at the start of the game which he must try to increase as the game continues.

The game was extremely basic but went down in history as an important title because it was one of the first to produce a helpful guide that could teach players the rules as you go. One odd feature was that the game had no save function, so all totaled amounts returned to normal once the game was turned off. It met with mixed reception from its North American and European audiences, but should be played as it was one of the first real attempts at a portable casino.

Gold nugget

Unlike most titles, this one takes place in an actual real-world casino, the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. There are seven games to play, with poker games having several variations. Along with casino sounds, this was one of the first instances where you could hear background sounds of other dealers, slot machines, and coins dropping.

Available for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation, its most notable feature was its story mode, voiced by actor Adam West. It revolved around a mysterious search for a problem-solving chip that had been stolen by one of the other poker players in the casino.

In its guide to selecting the best online casino in Denmark, BonusFinder provides a list of top European casinos that attract all customers using these types of titles. Very few are simply casino games, but often use narrative themes and even licensed properties to gamify their offerings.

Golden Nugget was one of the first immersive casino games, amplifying the graphics and game play while introducing a narrative. You could say that Golden Nugget was the forerunner of many great casino titles today. From PokerStars to Royal Casino, all have elements dating back to Golden Nugget.

Hoyle Casino

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Hoyle Casino was released in 2000 and then updated with a 2016 version. Available on Windows, Mac, Sega Dreamcast and Game Boy Color, it is notable because it was one of the few that guided a player with real-time strategies, including tips and advice. Not only did it teach them the game if they were beginners, it also taught them how to improve.

The game takes place in a fictional casino in Las Vegas. As a player, you can choose from twenty-five default character types to create your profile. You can then browse the casino and try your hand at different games. The game’s 2016 update offered an incredible amount of choice, ranging from bingo to seven-card stud and a wide range of poker games.

As this article from The Game Crater reports, a 2007 release caused controversy when a bug in the map system caused the title to crash. This resulted in massive refunds. However, that didn’t end its popularity as it sold 230,365 units and earned the developers around $6.15 million.


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