The Best Types of Poker in an Online Casino


There are dozens of types of poker. In professional tournaments and during a online casino, players are advised to participate in only a few of the most common. These are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, HORSE and probably a few others. In home games, thanks to relatively simple rules, five-card poker remains popular.


It is the most popular form of poker in an online casino. The vast majority of poker players play Texas Hold’em because it strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and action.

The object of the game is to win the pot, which can consist of two compulsory bets and several voluntary bets. To do this, assemble the strongest possible five-card poker combination.

Each hand consists of four stages: preflop, flop, turn and river.

All players are dealt two cards face down by the dealer. Five cards are placed on the open table: three at a time at the start, then one at a time after the next round of betting.

Everyone can use these community cards to make their winning combination. Whoever has the strongest combination at showdown wins the whole pot.

Each transaction is determined by the dealer. Offline, this is done by a representative of the gambling establishment or one of the real participants in a friendly game. In an online casino, all the action is done by the software you are playing on.


One day, a player had the idea: why not mix several types of poker in the same game? This is how HORSE was born: a mix of Holdem, Omaha Hi-Lo, Razz, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud or better.

Thus, the rules of HORSE are the rules that apply to all these games that compose it.

Despite the complexity, HORSE has become part of popular championships.

Today there are several of its varieties, which differ in the composition or order of species, as well as in the number of hands before switching from one type of game to another.

Mixed games

Mixed casino online poker games include several types of poker, which alternate one after the other. The change is made according to the number of hands or a set time, as established by the rules of the table or the tournament. Success in mixed disciplines depends on knowing the strategy of all modifications included in the game.

Due to the abundance of weak opponents, mixed poker in tournaments is very popular among professionals. Cash tables do not gather enough participants to comfortably win money.


There are two varieties of Omaha: Omaha High and Omaha High-low.

Regular Omaha is similar to Texas Hold’em with only a few differences: the player is dealt not two, but four hole cards; and only two pocket cards and only three cards in total are allowed to be used to make melds, which are laid out in front of everyone on the table.

The whole drawing process is repeated the same way in Texas Hold’em, there are no differences.

Other popular options

The first unusual option in an online casino is the Caribbean. Participants place a mandatory Ante bet and receive five cards each. The goal is to make a higher combination than the dealer’s. Players are allowed to make a voluntary paid exchange – changing one or five cards. Dealerships do not trade – a dealership’s card is visible to customers. If the participants are satisfied with the hands, they confirm that they are ready for the showdown – bet (twice the ante).

Three Card Poker is where the poker player bets the ante and decides to continue playing after being dealt a hand. He can raise the bet or make a pass. Once the dealer’s hand is open, the winner is determined. If the customer makes a Pair or more, the hand is compared. If the player has no combination, he loses regardless of the dealer’s hand.


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