Online Casino Bonus Basics


Virtual gambling establishments regularly use various marketing techniques to attract new players to the casino, or customers of competitors. The most powerful means in their arsenal is the use of various bonuses, thanks to which the conditions of online casino visitors become more loyal.

In 2022, casinos are delighting their users with lucrative promotions, bonuses and other nice gifts. Nevertheless, there are a huge number of them, and each type has its nuances, so before you start playing, you need to understand them.

Popular Bonuses

Let’s take a look at the most common bonuses that are present in almost all online casinos. Always read the bonus terms and conditions.

Sign-up bonus

This category includes bonuses that are granted to players only after completing their registration. As a thank you, online casino sites offer players a cash reward that goes into the game account, or free spins. In addition, other bonuses can be distributed.

This type of incentive is also called a no deposit bonus because all you have to do to receive it is register and you don’t have to deposit a game account.

In most cases, the accumulation of entry bonuses is automatic. But before taking them, be sure to familiarize yourself with the wagering rules. If the conditions are too strict, do not accept such a gift.

Some casinos use such incentives as a ploy to get the player to sign up for the prize, but the result is that you can only withdraw money after filling the game account for a minimum amount and betting the given amount by the high vager.

Making balanced decisions will help to study information about betting, as well as to read reviews of real players, where experienced players share their impressions of various bonuses of popular casinos.

Deposit Bonuses

There are bonuses for the first deposit and the following ones. The terms of this incentive are individual and there are no uniform rules for all casinos.

In any case, this bonus can be beneficial for the users, because the casino sends a nice bonus to the gaming account. Usually it is a certain percentage which cannot exceed a certain amount set by the casino.

But you have to be careful and pay attention to the vager, because it depends on the amount to bet at the online casino to be able to withdraw the bonus funds. Usually clubs impose fair conditions, and betting them is not that difficult, but there are other situations.

Reading the rules before taking the bonus is mandatory because often these rewards have other conditions. For example, a limited time to bet and if you don’t have time, the money received will be lost.

Free spins

Another popular bonus is free spins in slot machines. Since these are slot machines, the most popular games of chance, this method of attracting new customers works perfectly.

As part of this bonus, the user receives a certain number of free spins. The bet will be paid by the online casino itself. But a bet is imposed on the money won.

Other types of bonuses

Casinos use other bonuses which are equally beneficial to players.

Users enjoy various bonuses programmed for the holidays. Often, casinos give their customers gifts in honor of the birthday of the casino or the player himself, as well as popular holidays.

An important condition for receiving this type of incentive is to keep a close eye on the casino’s official website or sign up for the club’s email newsletter. As a bonus can be anything, so don’t miss the opportunity.

In addition, many users are enthusiastic about cashback, but it is not available in all casinos. Cashback guarantees players a weekly or monthly refund of a certain percentage of lost money. All terms and conditions should be read on a specific casino’s website.


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