Here are the best online casino games for serious movie buffs


As all film enthusiasts know, our passion for the medium goes far beyond just watching the films themselves.

The industry that caters to movie buffs has grown to include novels about film production, movie set picture books, board games based on our favorite movies, card games, comics , fan events and, of course, video games.

If you’ve exhausted all the console games based on your favorite movies, maybe it’s time to explore the dozens of games available at online casinos that cater specifically to avid moviegoers.

Without further ado, here are five online casino games that serious movie buffs should try.

Batman Begins Superhero Slot Machine

Batman Begins is a great movie – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The batman begins slot is an ideal casino game for anyone who is a fan of the hit Christopher Nolan movie series.

You’ll hear the familiar voice of Christian Bale’s Dark Knight, with the game also including appearances from some of the franchise’s most iconic characters, such as the Joker, Scarecrow and Commissioner Gordon.

The object of the game is to take back Gotham City from the League of Shadows, lining up the right streaks on this five-reel slot to do so.

James Bond-style live casino games

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in GoldenEye

Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in GoldenEye – Credit: MGM Studios

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If you prefer to soak up the essence of a classic film in a more immersive way, then Betfair’s new live casino games are ideal for anyone looking to step into the shoes of James Bond for the evening.

As a player, you have the opportunity to face live dealers in a game of blackjack, poker or roulette in a setting reminiscent of the palatial casino of 007: Casino Royale.

All you need is a tuxedo and a martini.

Official Gree the Musical Slot

Grease is such a good movie

Grease is such a good movie – Credit: Paramount Pictures

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For moviegoers who are happy to spend hours dissecting the meaning and craftsmanship of Hollywood’s most enduring musicals, the official Fat branded slot game should give you plenty to chew on.

In this five-reel slot, Danny, Sandy, Rizzo and the rest are back in full force, with all the hit songs from the original musical to sing along to as you play.

This slot machine is a real festival of nostalgia.

The Matrix slot game

the matrix 4 david leitch deadpool 2

The Matrix is ​​an amazing sci-fi action film – Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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There are few films that thrill moviegoers more than the original Matrix.

While the console games that came out in the aftermath of the film now look somewhat dated, the official Matrix online slot game is a much newer title that still retains the core elements of the film.

All of the original cast feature prominently, while many of the slot icons consist of references that only true fans will remember, such as the cat from the deja vu scene.

Terminator Genisys location

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Dark Fate – Credit: Paramount Pictures

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The Terminator film series has a cult following like few others.

If you want to return to the realm of Skynet, T-1000s and “Hasta la vista baby!”, then the official Terminator Genisys slot game should be enough to bring you back.

Arnie, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are all featured in the game, which also has a unique in-game car chase level that sets it apart from any other slot game currently on the market.

For movie and casino fans, these are the games to play!

What do you think of these games?

Are there any games here you might want to check out?

Let us know in the comments below.

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