Daniel Craig Holds No Grudge Over His Casino Royale Casting Controversy


The biggest complaints Craig faced mostly boiled down to his appearance (too blond, too blue-eyed), and producer Barbara Broccoli was apparently infuriated by this ridiculous criticism. She told Yahoo! Entertainment, “The fact that they were complaining about him being blond amazed me because Roger Moore was blond. I didn’t know what they were talking about.” Good point, Mrs. Broccoli!

Craig also addressed these criticisms. “Of course it bothered me,” he said – but he acknowledged the vitriol was largely beyond his control. “I really couldn’t do anything,” he pointed out, adding, “All I could do was make a good movie, or try to make a good movie and say, ‘There you go. And if they didn’t like it then I don’t know, that’s all I had to give.”

Making a good movie he did, because “Casino Royale” is a wild ride through the world of exceptional spies, beautiful cars, and dangerous femme fatales. I still get chills watching the poker game because not only does Craig look divine in that tuxedo (blonde hair and all), but it’s also a remarkably tense and entertaining scene.

Today, Craig’s portrayal as a “Shaken, Not Stirred” secret agent is one of the best in the franchise, so it’s crazy to think that so many Bond fans initially had second thoughts. . Still, Craig is largely sympathetic in stating that the reviews were “understandable”. He tells Yahoo!, “I grew up watching Bond. So I couldn’t criticize other people for having passions about it.” It’s good to be a soldier, Mr. Craig. No strong emotions.


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