10 European countries where you can play online casino games



The rules governing online casino games are not the same all over the world. While some countries are quite lenient when it comes to casino gaming rules, others can be quite strict, and it is quite possible that some countries will ban casino gaming altogether. Others will still not allow companies to operate casinos within their borders, but will allow citizens to play online as long as it is with a casino that is not local. So that you don’t fall foul of local rules, we’ve put together a guide to 10 European countries that don’t despise online casino games. Remember to play responsibly!

1. Malta

Known by many as an online casino gambling haven, Malta has fairly loose rules when it comes to playing and operating online casinos. You need to get a license from the government if you want to operate a casino in Malta, but there are many casinos based in this country, and even more Maltese citizens are regularly enjoying online casino games. Online play is in fact a very important part of Maltese GDP, the country therefore has casinos to thank for its prosperity!

2. Switzerland

Online casino games in Switzerland were banned until 2019, when the country significantly opened up the industry. Switzerland is now home to many online casinos, and although the licenses may be a bit restrictive, there are many options available for Swiss citizens to play slots, blackjack, and other favorites. Online platforms like WooCasino have great games, great prices, and great bonuses, so if you’re Swiss we recommend you start there.

3. United Kingdom

In 2018, estimates suggest that UK online casino gaming revenue reaches around £ 5.6 billion of a total of £ 14.5 billion spent in the casino industry as a whole. So it is obvious that the UK online casino industry is not only licensed, but booming. There are many platforms that you can check out if you are a UK casino player, and remember – if you are not drawn to native platforms, you can still play with a casino at outside the country!

4. France

Despite the ravages of the current Covid-19 pandemic, the French online gaming and casino gaming industry rebounded magnificently over the past year, mainly thanks to the booming sports betting industry. It’s fair to say that the online casino industry is always green; the pandemic has done nothing to cool the spirits for online casino games, and although people have a little less money, it is still just as easy to open your browser and enjoy some casino games online in France.

5. Spain

Unlike some of its closest geographic and economic neighbors, there aren’t really any restrictions on online gambling in Spain. You are free to play as many online casino games as you like, and there are a plethora (no pun intended) of excellent casino platforms designed to meet the needs of the discerning gamer. Spain once had fairly restrictive gambling laws, but during an economic downturn in the late 1970s and early 1980s, casino games became a solid source of income, and the rest belongs to the story.

6. Italy

The Italian government is rather strict when it comes to online gambling. Only license holders can operate as online casinos in Italy, but the good news is that online casino games in Italy are completely legal. In fact, Italy has the second largest online casino gaming market in all of Europe, with industry profits increasing exponentially over time. If you are Italian you are participating in a huge saving when playing online casino games!

7. Portugal

In 2015, the Portuguese government introduced laws requiring the acquisition of a license before an operator could open an online casino in the country. However, online casino games are perfectly legal in Portugal. The legislation regarding online casino games is quite heavy, and most Portuguese casinos cater more to native Portuguese citizens than to players around the world. However, if you are based in Portugal, you will find plenty of online casino gaming options.

8. Belgium

Like many countries on this list, Belgium is quite a laissez-faire when it comes to the online casino gaming industry. However, he is being watched by the country’s authorities. In February of this year, a Belgian royal decree reduced the number of online betting licenses available in the country from 34 to 31, which may not seem like a large number, but it shows that the authorities are paying attention to the industry. However, Belgian online casino games are very legal and we encourage you to look for good Belgian casino platforms!

9. Republic of Ireland

Being adjacent to the UK and therefore somewhat similar in some of its values, the Republic of Ireland recently formalized the age of 18 as the age of consent for gambling. The country is also introducing stricter licensing laws. as part of a comprehensive process to overhaul online casino gambling laws, but online casino gambling is – and will remain – fully legal in Ireland. Slots, blackjack, poker and more are waiting for you at the best Irish casino platforms.

10. The Netherlands

We are cheating a bit with this one, because at the moment the Dutch online gambling sphere is very heavily regulated. However, this year the country is start a long redesign process which will see more licenses granted to private online casino operators and more online casinos able to open in the Netherlands. We can’t wait to see what the Netherlands brings to the table when they finally open up to the online casino gaming business later this year!



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