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What are Serviced Offices for Rent?

Serviced offices for rent are offices that customers can rent that are fully equipped and managed. These kinds of spaces have become popular in the 21st-century as a solution for working areas, and they are popular in the UK as well as other locations, such as the United States. A management company handles all of the details. The management business owns the offices and then rents their independent offices to companies, groups or individuals.

A serviced office contains everything that a company would need to work, including desks, chairs, and other corporate furniture types. Clients have availability, typically 24-hours, to fully functioning bathrooms for men and women to use while working. These renting rooms would include lighting, air-conditioning, heat, and all other utilities. Customers of these spaces may also find dedicated receptionists and administrative support depending on the package. The Internet is always available, in our 21st-century world, and these offices may also contain print and fax machines as well as desktop computers. There can be traditional looking office rooms that are designed for one or two people, or there can be conference rooms and meeting rooms. These facilities typically include full-time security and may consist of insurance coverage.

Why would a company or an individual rent an office that is serviced as opposed to leasing a traditional office or working out of their own building?

1. To Greet Clients

One of the main reasons companies or individuals rent these locations is to greet clients. If a business does not have adequate space for meeting clients face to face or if an individual does not have an office location, these kind of offices for rent are an excellent alternative. In most cases, these locations are designed to not stand out as anything out of the ordinary. In other words, if a company were to meet a client in one of these offices, the client would not know that the company is renting the space. It would look like it belongs to the customer renting the space.

2. To Save Money

When a client rents a serviced office, it is often cheaper than a conventional leased office. The management companies of these offices can often offer flexible and reduced rental terms, saving a company or individual money. This is especially good for start-up companies or small businesses that don’t want to commit to a long-term lease and administrative and support costs, including building maintenance, something that is included with serviced offices for rent. All of the details that can add up to significant costs in many cases are taken care of by the management company of the offices.

3. To Have Access to Equipment

Some offices of this type offer equipment for groups or individuals to use that the company or individual would otherwise need to own. Equipment such as faxes, printers, computers, conference phones, coffee makers, etc., can be provided in serviced offices for rent depending on the terms of the contract. For those who wish to save money on these investments, renting them is a workable alternative.

4. To Have a Presence in Town

Many organisations are reconsidering their bottom lines when it comes to travel costs and is coming up with creative solutions. Businesses that are located out-of-town often rent serviced offices to have a presence in the location where their client resides. This provides a place to meet with the client as well as work near the client.

5. To Handle Overflow

Every business has a goal, and one of the most critical goals is growth. A growing company means it is thriving and succeeding. When a company expands, it may mean that they have outgrown out of their original office space and are in need of larger digs. When this happens, renting a serviced office space can provide the space necessary, on a short-term basis, until a more extensive and permanent facility is established. The organisation may choose to move their entire team to a temporary space, or they may work out of their own location and the rented location simultaneously.

6. As a Temporary Situation

There may be situations where a business is waiting for their permanent space to be built, but they need to get to work now and not later. Not having a workable solution that can be implemented immediately could mean losing important business which ultimately means losing money. Renting one of these spaces gives an organisation a place to work until their digs are built.

Another example is when a customer has a specific need for space. For example, if a group of attorneys needs a location to work for their discovery process, particularly if the process needs to be outside of where their law office is. Or if a film crew needs an office location for the movie they are working on.

7. To Impress Clients with a Prestigious Address

First impressions make a difference in many situations, including impressing clients. Some offices of this kind are located in posh areas. A customer may wish to rent in these areas to give clients a good first impression to attract sales or keep sales.

8. Rent on Short Notice

If a company needs space on short notice, serviced offices to rent can often satisfy this need. Often the availability of these kinds of offices is immediate. Which means that there is no worry about a gap in a working space that could be detrimental to business growth.

There are many pros to serviced offices for rent, but what about the cons? The look of a serviced offices is up to the management company. Therefore, they are not branded to the look of the client’s company. This is a consideration for a customer, particularly if the customer is using the space for clients. Also, the cost to rent one of these offices may be higher than a conventional lease depending on the location and what the price includes. Nevertheless, these offices have proven to be a good solution for companies looking for an alternative to a traditional office.

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