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Swiss instant credit – best choice

Anyone who applies for an instant loan usually wants to know the loan amount as quickly as possible, whether a loan approval is given or refused. If there are difficulties with the credit rating, the German banks promptly refuse. In Germany, banks rarely grant a loan without the required credit rating. A Swiss instant loan is the best choice for such purposes.

What to consider with a loan from Switzerland

What to consider with a loan from Switzerland

A Swiss instant loan is only given to employees who work for an employer. Freelancers and the self-employed, as well as the unemployed have no chance of success with such a loan. In addition, the employment relationship must not be limited. Many banks in Switzerland even require the employer to be with the employer for one year before a loan is granted. The applicant must live in Germany and be at least 18 years old.

Credit Bureau

Credit Bureaufrei

A Swiss instant loan is neither reported to Credit Bureau nor requested. The permanent job serves as security for the banks. Anyone applying for such a loan will receive a message within a short time as to whether it is approved or not. Credit intermediaries are responsible for the loan application and the completion of the formalities. They only receive a commission when a loan has also been obtained. In principle, an inquiry is free of charge. A personal visit by the borrower to Switzerland is not necessary. When all documents have been submitted and checked by the financial service provider, the borrower will receive the loan amount within a few days.

The advantages

The advantages

The advantages of such a loan are obvious. Those who have negative entries in the Credit Bureau get the last possible opportunity for a loan. Due to the fact that this is not reported in Germany, a Swiss instant loan can also be advantageous if the credit rating is good. If a loan already has to be repaid and the borrower needs money in between, it can sometimes be difficult with an increase. But here the problem is solved.

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